The Best Gaming Mouse Picks Of 2014

Gaming has always been a rather controversial industry because it tends to be skeptically regarded as having any positive mental and physical developments for anyone who’s involved in it. Even the most recent e-sports events like The International 2014 wasn’t enough to spur parents or politicians alike to regard it as a type of sports in itself. However much of a pity that might be, gamers all over the world are still strongly banded together in their interests and discussions on the latest gaming gear that will give them an edge over their competitors. Just like any other sports, having the best gear can indeed propel you to the top simply because you can perform significantly better when equipped with superior gadgets and devices.

This holds true for almost any gaming peripherals like the keyboard, the monitor and even the mouse. In the right hands, a gaming mouse can bring huge advantages due to the fact that the sensitivity and accuracy of the gamer is enhanced multiple times and getting a kill will be much easier than ever. You’ve probably heard of how the DPI of a mouse can reach levels of over 10,000. Try pitting yourself against someone who’s using an inferior gaming mouse with only 3,000 DPI and you can immediately see the difference. It’s just that simple. With that said, what would the best gaming mice of today be like?

the steelseries sensei mouseWhile SteelSeries remains head and shoulders over its closest competitors when it comes to headsets and keyboards, gaming mice are an entirely different category. There’s just so many choices you have, all of which are ideal based on your grip preferences and the amount of buttons that you’ll need to bind your keys to. The SteelSeries Sensei, for example, has a mere 2 side buttons at its left side but the Razer Naga, as one of the top wireless gaming mice, has over 15 additional keybinds. How much of an advantage does that offer you? Well, it again depends on how much you need them. If you’re an MMO gamer, you’ll certainly do better with a Naga over a Sensei. For high-level FPS play, the Sensei beats the Naga without a doubt. For one of the best optical mouse with simplistic design, the DeathAdder should do just fine. I’ve attached a review video of this particular mouse for you guys to check out.

razer naga greenSimilar mice from Logitech exist but arguably, they’re inferior because Logitech simply doesn’t have the experience and perhaps enthusiasm that a gaming designer working in Razer or even SteelSeries might have. To understand how a perfect gaming mouse ought to be, you must inevitably be a gamer yourself. This is necessary in order to truly appreciate the whims, needs and preferences that an FPS gamer would have over say, an MMO or RTS player. In that regard, if you’re still searching high and low for the best gaming mouse, it would be wise to first ask yourself this question: What type of games are you mostly playing? Only by truthfully answering that question can you go on to discover what the best mouse for you is, regardless of the personal opinions of other gamers.


Guidelines On Purchasing The Very Best Record Player

crosley record players (vintage version)Understanding how every single record player has differing technical specs, notably in relation to the essential elements in it, may help greatly within a person’s selection of the appropriate unit. A general familiarity of how a record player creates sound will be beneficial. When the needle is lowered on the spinning vinyl, sound is consequently created.

Though it may be actually feasible for the best record player to cost only about $800, not all people can truly appreciate the differences between the top-end and lower-end devices. A completely distinct music experience may be had for the increase in price. In a turntable, one of the most significant functions will be the base of the model. Occasionally called the plinth, here is where your entire device stands on. If at all possible, you’ll need a plinth that is made from wood or metal but that has a rubbery surface on certain areas of it to absorb or reduce the vibrations.

By doing this, the sound developed will have a much greater clarity because none of the elements will have any interference from the said vibrations. The platter of any turntable is very pertinent too. The weight of the platter is vital considering that the bulkier it is, the less considerable the vibrations are going to be. Most record players will be sorted according to the form of drive that they have.

In the past, a belt driven device was the most popular selection because the motor can be found further away from the platter and therefore, less vibration will be handed down to the platter when the motor unit is switched on. As mentioned earlier, the lesser the vibrations, the better the actual audio quality is going to be. In a direct drive system, the platter is going to be spun by the motor unit directly below it. An immediate contact among these basically triggered significant vibrations and so, reduced music quality. At some point, the down sides accorded by direct drive products started to reduce as the creative designers started to apply higher performance of dampening of vibration.

simon elvins vinyl playerDJs require the capacity of spinning the records by themselves as well as to play the vinyl in reverse and this is only achievable within direct drive turntables. A sizable portion of the excessive frills within a record player would have been taken out and simply the essential components (like the platter) will likely be maintained for professional DJs to spin and produce distinctive songs from it. It is actually less likely that you’ll find freshly manufactured turntables that are equipped with a belt drive since direct drives are a lot more practical these days.

You’ll in addition have the tonearm, with a tip that is swung above the platter in order to play the audio. You’ll find the stylus attached to the end of it, that is then lowered onto the top of the vinyl. The connection between the stylus and the vinyl must be light enough to never scratch the surface of the record. Automated or manual functioning of the tonearm will change based on each turntable, but manual models are certainly more preferred in turntables made particularly for DJs. Semi-automatic return processes are achievable too for some of the older units in order that the tonearm is going to be returned on its own right after the song ceases playing. For manual products, you’ll have to lift up the tonearm and place it over the vinyl by yourself. Vinyl fans who’re much more well-informed in how the device works will generally choose to get manual devices since it ensures that there’ll be significantly less vibration due to the reduction of needless frills or pieces.

The cartridge that’s attached to the record player is arguably one of the most significant aspects right here. You can most likely buy a turntable having a pre-fitted cartridge (much like the Studebaker SB6051) though you’ll additionally be billed a large premium for it, because the installation of a cartridge can be extremely bothersome and demand a lot of time to do it as well. Inexpensive models are often as much as $250-$500 whilst the higher-end products like the VPI Classic 3 may cost approximately $900. Should you take some time looking around, you’ll realize that a number of firms in the likes of Studebaker would have permitted their customers to get their very own preferred cartridges fitted. If you don’t really know what a cartridge is yet, it’s essentially the gadget that houses the needle (or stylus). Try not to save up too much on the cartridges considering that a tiny alternation in quality will lead to significant enhancements in the overall performance of your whole record player. The best record player must inevitably be made up of a cartridge and stylus of the highest quality.

retro record player for vinylsThere’s a possibility that you’ve come across Super-OEM turntables and asked yourself what they are. Super-OEM record players are primarily top-quality units that aren’t produced by the businesses which are promoting them. Instead, these are sourced from the same vendor that serves other well-established record firms (for instance VPI, Studebaker) and the quality is such that they have been caterogized right into a distinct label. The very best-performing merchandise will most likely consist of these kinds of labels because they are constructed from the exact same pieces as the others. Devices that are branded Super-OEM can have quality levels which are miniscule in variations, so always go for the very best looking types!

For a further upgrade on the music listening experience, you should invest in a pair of powerful speakers. In the most ideal circumstance, you’ll need to reduce leaks within the music quality from manifesting by keeping the overall performance of each element relatively well.


5 Awesome Chicken Coop Plans That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

chicken coop 2Chickens are often raised by people today for several motives. Maybe they wish to harvest the chicken eggs and then sell them off as extra income. You can find individuals who are just seeking to accomplish this as a pastime. By way of keeping their very own chickens, some individuals assume that their foods can be made as organic and natural as possible without being exposed to the synthetic chemical compounds that commercial merchandise will include. Even though these can seem appealing, you have to be ready to be fully committed in order to see any results from it.

Firstly, you’ll not simply have to figure out how to construct a chicken coop but you must know which breed of chicken to pick. Planning in advance and also expecting the final results will likely be the best way to get going. By rearing chickens, you’ll basically possess a source of your own chicken eggs plus meat. It will be better still when you can continue to keep certain breeds of chicken as a way to develop top quality eggs. If at all possible, you’ll want to do this just before you start constructing a coop. Mixing up multiple chicken breeds with each other in an attempt to broaden your production is probably not a prudent thought since some chicken breeds just do not get along well at all.

awesome coopRearing chicks from scratch is the one other choice that you have. When getting the baby chicks out from their eggs nevertheless, an incubation period is going to be necessary. Should you have hens within your chicken coop, they’d normally do that automatically. An incubating unit will surely be very convenient in this particular scenario nevertheless. There are many factors to consider before you decide to actually begin rearing an entire. Take into account the weather conditions in the location you’re staying at. Are the climate or temperature at the place you’re staying at intense? A consistently shifting weather condition might cause your chickens to fall sick. Ailments and diseases are fairly common especially in newer flocks. An incredible tip here is to keep your new chickens away from the old ones, at the least for a couple of days. It is because any illnesses or even conditions might easily spread from the older flock to the new or the other way around. You might very well lose your whole flock in the event you don’t take any precautionary steps.

Also, planning the spot of your chicken coop ahead of time is a wise measure. Remember to keep your coop clean and ensure that there’s ventilation. To get chicken eggs which have a better quality, you’ll really need a regularly optimized surrounding within your coop. For this purpose, we suggest following a proper set of chicken coop plans that you can probably get for $30 or less. The inner part of a chicken coop is likely to get dirty and messy quickly without the proper care. Making use of moist absorbing supplies like pine chips or straw will probably be best if you don’t intend on cleaning your coop every day.

In order to have your chickens lay eggs regularly, think about assigning a nesting box for every one of them. In the event there isn’t an ideal spot to lay their eggs, they can be harmed as the chickens move about and step on them. In raising chickens, you have to be ready to handle potential predators also. To offer sufficient safety, use hardware cloth. Providing the chickens with the right food is critical also. Without the proper food, your chickens will need to turn to eating pests. Whatever you do, do not try to blend and make your very own feed because it might not be well suited for the chickens’ gastrointestinal system. In addition to food, you need to have a supply of fresh water for the chickens. The water and food sources need to be stored far away from the nesting locations where stool is often found. Ailments will most frequently propagate within coops which are unclean and untidy.

chicken coop 3If at all possible, get all of your chickens vaccinated. The costs will eventually pay themselves after a while provided that your chickens could be kept healthy. If you have the time to accomplish this, constructing a chicken coop from scratch could save you a lot of cash. So long as you can get a hold of a collection of illustrative guides or designs, constructing a chicken coop is a reasonably uncomplicated procedure.


Ants & Roaches Are The 2 Worst Infestations To Have, Says Pest Control Expert

Pest infestations may be a pain to deal with in particular when there is multiple of these infestations occurring in your house. Eliminating a pest infestation is normally much less hard as individuals picture them to be, even with how severe it may be. Even though it is widely considered that most bugs tend to be more bothersome than harmful, that is not going to necessarily hold true particularly since the latest studies have shown that the majority of pests will unavoidably bring about some form of damage whether to your house or to your state of health. To eliminate them efficiently, you must first know the type of bugs you are dealing with. Of course, this is an important step to take if you’re planning to buy a brand new home.

Every now and then, you could come upon a bug which had found its way into your house, but it’s not likely the bug is by itself. Generally, the nest is already built or is within the starting stages of being formed inside of your residence already. As long as you know roughly how to begin looking, it should be simple to find the bugs’ nest. Spotting the nest or figuring out exactly where it is doesn’t mean much in the event you can’t reach it whatsoever. Bug nests are usually constructed in the fractures of the walls, the ground or at darker locations whereby human activity is minimum. In case you have an extra bedroom or maybe a backyard structure you don’t use, for example, there’s a very high chance that some sort of bug would’ve occupied it. Lack of activity and messes will heighten the likelihood of a bug infestation in a substantial manner so keep the home nice and clean.

A good example of an extremely prevalent bug in America is the ant. Getting rid of the entire nest is going to be critical should you wish to prevent an ant infestation. Hundreds or thousands of ants could be produced everyday by one ant queen, so it’ll be challenging to slow or stop them fully. It will be a complete waste of time and expense to spray pesticide for the ants given that there’s just far too many of those bugs about for this to have any significant result. Ant poison is definitely the simplest way of doing damage to whole colonies since the ants will infect one another until eventually all of them are dead.

using pesticides on roachesRoaches would be another common bug that a great many home owners around the globe have difficulties with. Roaches are one of the worst pests you need to manage simply because they can transmit a great deal of diseases to us human beings. Diarrhea is typically the primary sickness that roaches might cause if you mistakenly take in their excrement or pee at all. You’ll often locate roaches in close proximity to sources of water like the basin or the drain since they will need water to thrive. You might find that the regular insecticides for other pests are ineffective against roaches because there is a higher-level of resistance versus mild poison. Poisonous baits or traps, as recommended in this article on how to kill roaches, designed specifically to wipe out roaches will be needed for efficient results. To avoid the same predicament in the foreseeable future, ensure that your house is clear of gaps and also cracks in the wall surfaces and floor tiles. If mistakenly ingested via your kitchenware, roach droppings will often bring about E. coli bacterial infections which may result in extreme belly aches, diarrhea or even worse, which may lead to hospitalization.

Most homeowners are afflicted by bed bug infestations in their homes, specifically in the bedrooms. Their bites can cause rashes and itching of your skin. Their bites are a lot like mosquito bites, that are practically painless. Since they operate generally at night time, it would be even more challenging to learn whether you have been bitten by bed bugs. The majority of people will pass these tiny reddish marks of the skin off as mosquito bites, which they’ll then overlook. To eradicate an infestation fully, our recommendation is that you contract an exterminator or pest control service to make it happen. This is absolutely needed in the case of a bed bug infestation since they can simply infest a massive area, rather than simply being focused in small and particular parts in your home. If the circumstances are terrible, you might even have to keep entire parts of your home isolated up until the infestation has been completely cleared. A lot of people had resorted to hurling out their entire bed within their attempt to remove these bugs, but that’s usually not the optimal solution. In the event your mattress has been infested, there is a possibility that any furniture or fabrics close by will be infested as well and so replacing your mattress is only going to get you a tiny bit of time before the little bugs begin to repopulate it.

ant trailsAnts are among the most persistent pests worldwide. Ants amounting to hundreds could be hatched every single day in a nest which houses an ant queen, so coping with several colonies will likely be very difficult. Killing off the ants one at a time by smacking them or spraying all of them with chemical substances will be a waste of time. The ideal way to eradicate an ant infestation is to use ant poison, which can cause the entire nest to be affected ( Yet another comparable bug that poses a massive nuisance will be termites. As scavengers, ants will often seek out leftovers and carry them back to be shared with others. Termites are able to endure a great deal more easily considering that the stuff they feed on are usually bigger in array. Solid wood and occasionally grass can be eaten by termites. That is precisely the main reason why termites are much far more feared in comparison to ants. Household furniture or huge structures can be wrecked by these pests totally if they’re made from solid wood. The foundation that supports the base of the house and even structures like wood beams as well as pillars supporting the roof might be chewed through by these bugs. If left alone, termites may possibly cause whole structures to collapse.


8 Most Valuable Pointers For Building A Chicken Coop

Chicken coops vary from one variety to another one and there is an array of choices that you may pick from. You should opt for a coop depending on what you would like to get from it. Do you anticipate rearing chickens as pets or do you wish to turn it into something rewarding? It is attainable for you to create a coop by yourself. Nearly 7 out of 10 of all coops are going to be produced from ground-up by the proprietors by themselves. After seeing some benefits out of your coop, creating larger coops with an increase of challenging components can be performed. These chicken coops can be purchased from different areas and that means you don’t actually have to create them. There are numerous of these about but you need to be prepared to fork out a tremendous amount since these coops will definitely not come cheap. Again, diverse coops are going to be constructed out of diverse materials. The sophistication of the coop’s design determines just how much the final price will be. The layouts themselves are not too significant if you are just giving it a shot nevertheless. In terms of the coop’s looks, you can easily boost this via painting the wall surfaces. Coops of 2-6 chickens will probably be appropriate for newbies.

nesting boxes for chickensThe Planning Stage

Upon having recognized your preferences regarding the dimensions and quantity of chickens, you’ll then have to plan out the interior portion of the coop. In your coop, you’ll need nesting containers. Nesting containers need to be filled with straw pieces to keep the eggs warmer as well as for the purpose of ease and comfort. In the event your chickens don’t find the location comfortable enough, they may not lay their eggs as frequently as they could.

Need For Sunlight

The availability of sun light is likewise needed well before your chickens will start laying eggs. You’ll be met with difficulties while the seasons come and go, allowing the daylight to vary in strength and period. You should invest in a handful of illumination add-ons to negate this issue right here. You cannot just presume that all equipment and lighting will be suited for this purpose. As a substitute, put money into those that have a yellowish shine because that can appear and feel like actual sun light. An exterior area referred to as the chicken run might be put in as well. A little outer spot beyond the coop will probably be assigned for this specific purpose. This is kind of a lawn for your chicken to move about easily in. Cable mesh could be used to line the wall around the chicken run location in order to avoid needing to round up the chickens at a later time. This is especially important to note if you’re just beginning to learn how to build a chicken coop.

Don’t Forget The Perches

Perches or possibly a roosting area will probably be necessary also in the the best possible conditions. Birds usually sleep at night upon perches and this also includes chickens. You will need the perches to be placed away from the soil however. The chickens could get onto the perches to stop getting wet when it’s raining heavily or if it’s snowing outdoors.

Clean Source Of Water And Food

Water would be the one other resource that chickens require in order to live on. The most dependable approach is to leave a water container for them outside in the chicken run for purposes of hygiene. When you do not make this happen, the water may get polluted with the chicken’s litter. Place the chicken’s litter area as far as achievable away from the water and food resources. If you don’t implement that, your chickens may get sick very easily. You’ll have to deal with more complications if a condition begins to spread. Practically all types of foodstuff may be consumed easily by the chickens so this would not be a problem. If you can, feeding them all-natural meals is an excellent alternative. This will help keep the chickens really healthy and robust. Much larger sized chicken eggs, that are inadvertently more nutritious, can be gotten from chickens that eat all-natural food. Spinach and fruits will help make up an excellent and proper diet for your chickens.

Coop Maintenance

When you can, you should try washing the coop along with the area surrounding it a minimum of 2 times a week. This may reduce any form of harmful bacteria or fungi from growing through the coop. Possessing a much larger coop may also help in the health state of your chickens. When the place is cramped and your chickens are unable to nest or sleep pleasantly, health difficulties might develop. As a basic guideline, each and every chicken must be designated a nesting place. When possible, save up any leftover space for those nesting places since they are the most crucial area of the coop.

build a coop with wire meshProtection Against Predators

An additional primary concern right here is the predators. Illustrations of the very most common predators to chickens are minks or owls. The chicken eggs will also be a repeated target of such potential predators. For more safety, contemplate the utilization of cable netting to wall up your coop. Whilst the far more developed regions will clearly have far less of those possible predators, canines are almost always present. A dog can simply kill off several chickens if they’re capable of getting within easy reach. To ease this issue, you should work with a comparably heavier sort of wire mesh mainly because dogs might nibble through the standard ones easily. To help safeguard against pet dogs and other predator problems, your coop must be developed off the ground. There must be a ramp for the chickens to get in and out from the coop however. The ramp is going to be too narrow for any predator and that’s the entire reason for that. Your chickens should encounter no trouble going up the ramps considering that they possess a much smaller and lighter physique.


In the event you do not specify a budget, you could potentially find yourself investing thousands on a single coop. Less established coops will surely cost close to absolutely nothing given that you won’t require a lot to create it. A ventilation gadget will likely be seriously helpful here as well provided you can pay for it. These characteristics are mainly deluxe in nature even so, and I wouldn’t say they’re definitely necessary. Base your option on the kind of weather your physical location is continually confronted with.

urban chicken coopFinal Considerations

Scuffing and marring of the timber platform will probably be inevitable. These surfaces will likewise be pecked occasionally. You might want to use timber that are tougher and much more immune to these matters to develop the coop. To accumulate litter, it is advisable to get a holder that could be slid right out of the underside of the coop. You don’t have to reach in and clean out the mess because of this simple, yet ingenious, feature of such chicken coop plans. Chicken coop plans of this sort will include diagrams of these characteristics for you to follow so that your chickens can live happily in the coop. The wire mesh and screws must be re-examined for potentially harmful ends so as not to accidentally cause injuries to your chickens.

The coop building process will be clear-cut and the majority of first-timers can do this. In contrast to the typical perception of people today, the entire procedure is in fact straightforward. Just the most common forms of woodworking equipment will be essential for this particular project. Hardware merchants will probably be packed with these tools that you need. Remember to comply with every single stage as detailed within the plan as diligently as you can. You may get coop designs via many internet sources. From all of these designs, the types of materials and instruments which might be essential will likely be listed in them. It would certainly need days or weeks to complete establishing the coop so handle things as they come up. Rushing it could possibly lead you to disregard certain things and other difficulties will occur.




Dell U2412M – Voted The Best Gaming Monitor of 2013

The Dell UltraSharp U2412M was the monitor that I purchased along with my gaming rig back in 2012 and it’s still performing as well as it ever did. It did take me quite a while to complete my research on the best gaming monitor back then and everywhere I went, be it forums or expert gaming websites, this monitor was particularly recommended by the users, many of whom are professional photographers or gamers like myself. The reviews not only number in the thousands but they are mostly 5 star ratings too. I can finally see why though.

U2412m-tri-monitor-setupFirstly, there have been quite a few complaints about its out of the box settings, primarily about how extreme the brightness levels are and how saturated the colors were. That will be the case in almost any monitor that is shipped right from the factory. You do have to spend some time to recalibrate the monitor to get the most out of it. After tweaking it according to TFTCentral’s guide, the U2412M has easily the best display that I’ve seen in a very long time ever since I bought the Samsung PX2370. There’s simply no comparison between the two in every single aspect. If you own an iPhone or an iPad that has a glossy surface, you might have noticed how the colors will pop out at you and they would seem particularly sharp compared to many other displays. That’s exactly how the U2412M is. Wonder why that is so? It’s an IPS panel after all and while I’ve heard great things about it, I’ve never really seen one before until now. I’m happy to say that I’ll never be going back to a monitor that uses a TN panel. The differences are simply mind-blowing.

I purchased this gaming monitor after I saw it in action within a gaming convention which I attended to check out the latest PC games that were being shown like BioShock Infinite but instead of being amused by these games, I was hooked onto the Dell U2412M which was being used to test out the games there. I tried various other games like Battlefield 3 and COD Modern Warfare 3 on it and I got even more excited over it than the games. Many users have been complaining about the ghosting issues that they had encountered while playing on this monitor but personally, I’ve seen no such problems even though I’ve been using it for over a year now. Of course, I’m not a very picky person after all so I might not have noticed these things. The upgrade that this U2412M has over my previous Samsung PX2370 is akin to how you tweak a game’s settings from High to Ultra and no, I’m not exaggerating a tiny bit. I’d even go as far as to say that the Dell U2412M is the best gaming monitor in 2013. The quality of the display is just astounding. I’d like to think that it’s mostly due to the difference in the type of panel being used but I’m convinced that it’s not the sole determinant. How so? Well, I actually did a side by side comparison between the Dell UltraSharp U2412M and the Asus VS239H-P. Both of these have IPS panels but in terms of the clarity and accuracy of the colors (after calibrating both of these gaming monitors), the U2412M wins, hands down.

Samsung PX2370

I’m not saying that the Asus monitor cannot compete in any way with the Dell. The VS239H-P does have better response time, which most gamers would be looking for when they’re deciding whether to purchase a particular gaming monitor or not but really, the only difference it makes for me is whether I can actually see any ghosting issues on it. You often see other monitors like the BenQ XL2420T having high-end specifications like 2 ms response time and 350 cd/m2 in terms of its maximum brightness level. Sure, they sound great and they have the best specifications compared to the rest of the monitors but will you really be able to tell the differences in actual use? The simple answer is no. Why then do these factors matter at all? I’d rather go for monitors that score lower in terms of their performance level but that are able to display much better quality of graphics on the whole. This is exactly what you’ll be able to get out of the U2412M.

Also, I’d like to discuss the maximum resolution that you can squeeze out of this monitor too. The usual 23″ monitors would only have a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 but the Dell U2412M has a true 24″ display, which means that it can have a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200. The additional 120 pixels may seem negligible but I can assure you that it’s not. The amount of additional real estate that it gives is unbelievably helpful. If you’re interested in its technical specifications, I suggest you take a look at this U2412M Review. Even with the 23 inch display that my PX2370 has, I found that I still had to scroll down rather often to view the entire page of many websites. With this Dell monitor however, there’s less scrolling to be had. These little things do add up. At least I’d like to think so. Another monitor that’s very popular among gamers is the Yamasaki Catleap, though if you’re going to go for Korean brands, I highly recommend the Qnix instead since it just has a better quality on the whole. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video:

U2412m backlight bleeding

If there are any unfavorable reviews that you might have come across regarding this gaming monitor, it might be in relation to the anti-glare coating that it comes with. Personally, I love how the coating’s thick and translucent enough that reflections are barely noticeable even with a fully open window with sunlight coming through it. Glossy monitors are certainly out of the question for me because I enjoy playing in a bright environment. Many gamers seem to have problems with this matte coating however. The critiques were always revolved around how “dirty” or “oily” the surface of the monitor appears but that is only apparent if the entire screen is dark and there’s a source of bright light right behind you. Such circumstances are really rare and even then, it’ll still be better than having a glossy screen because then, you’ll basically be staring at yourself on the display.

The Dell U2412M also comes with 2 USB ports on the left side of its bezel and another 2 at the back. The lack of HDMI is unfortunate though as I’d really love to play my PS3 using this monitor without having to purchase an external cable for it. It didn’t cost much though (only $5). The product was shipped to me without any dead pixels or backlight bleeding and I was thankful for that. I tested it with a few pixel checkers online, where alternate screens of red, green, blue, black and white pixels were displayed on the entire screen to see if there were any dead ones. You should always do this with your new monitors in case you didn’t already. If you’re a casual gamer like me, you’ll find that the U2412M is a beast and you’ll be satisfied knowing that you are essentially being able to enjoy better graphics quality than the other gamers out there even if your settings are all set at the maximum level simply because the IPS panel of this monitor is superior compared to any other TN panels out there.